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Thank you for supporting Designed to Live, a mercy ministry of Bridge Builders International. Your gift today will be used to help as many people as possible to know, love and follow the Lord Jesus with all of their hearts.

 501(c)(3) organization : All gifts are tax-deductible

Ministry Of Katie Leatherwood

  • Operating expenses in Latvia (Personal, accommodations, transportation, ect)

Designed to Live

  • Funding to keep the Mobile O&P Care unit functional – supplies and materials

  • Funding for ministry specific resources, events, and needs

Four Easy Ways to Give Now

1.  By Electronic Funds Transfer
Save the costs of checks and postage (and credit card fees)
By setting up an Electronic Funds Transfer from your checking or savings account.

2.  By Mail
Mail checks to:
Bridge Builders International
P.O. Box 1472
Wheaton, IL 60187
**Please include a note with check that indicates “Ministry of Katie Leatherwood” -or- “Designed to Live”
** “Designed to Live” is ministry specific account (i.e. mobile clinic)
**Please enclose provided Response card in envelope. Response Card – Back        Response card – Front

3.  By Making a Secure Online Gift
Use your debit or credit card or
Give from your checking or savings accounts through ACH services.


4.  By Phone

Donate over the phone by calling 541-602-6968

BBI complies with federal and state charitable solicitation requirements.  All donations are secure and your information will not be shared with other parties.  Read BBI’s Financial and Fund Raising Policies.