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European Leadership Forum

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the European Leadership Forum. This is an evangelical Christian ministry leader gathering. It is a place to network, be challenged, and learn from the top Christian leaders in Europe. I sat under leaders that have made significant impacts across Europe and the World, for Christ. It was helpful to learn from a European perspective because cultures in Europe are much different than that of USA.

I chose to be part of the Evangelism network, to be challenged and learn methods of evangelism that are practiced in Europe. Although several methods were discussed, the main principle remained constant – the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was challenged to be bold and make every encounter an opportunity to share the Gospel.

In reviewing my notebook of notes I took during the lectures, several points stuck out to me.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a high caliber conference and hope to do it again next year.


Why Do We Believe the Bible is Communication from God? (Stefan Gustavsson)

  • If we agree there is a creator, wouldn’t it be strange if he had no contact with us? – The Bible is that communication and God’s revealing to us
  • Gospel = historical biographies

Breaking the Four Barriers to Evangelism
Dave Patty

  • Am I in the midst of something God wants me to do, and I am missing it? (John 4)
  • Look at life with expectations – see the things Jesus sees
  • Don’t assume a relationship is not possible with a person

Entering the World of a Nonbeliever: Loving People and Sharing the Gospel (Tim Griffin)

  • Don’t let my focus on an activity get in the way of the Gospel – why am I do what I am doing?

Questioning Evangelism (Michael Ots)

  • Bible gives us answers we need to know, but is not an exhaustive source of what we want to know
  • Objections don’t need to be obstacles but opportunities

How Do I Climb out of the Frendship Trench? (Avi Snyder)

  • The Gospel is not a lifestyle but a message- however, our lifestyle will confirm the gospel.
  • Action without explanation is meaningless
  • What people think of you is not the issue, what they think of Jesus is!
  • Effectiveness of sharing Gospel is in the message, and not the messenger.

Spiritual Formation: What Does It Mean to Grow in Christ? (Jerry Root)

  • Source of security is living in God’s love – source of sin is living out of God’s love
  • Pain not transformed is transferred

Can You Lead a Growing Ministry without Being Overwhelmed, Overstretched, and Exhausted? (Ramez Atallah)

  • God’s calling is more important than your gifting – focus on calling, not your gifts
  • You may have to use your secondary gifts to accomplish primary calling
  • Accomplishing God’s calling does not always involve doing things we like (secondary gifts). It will include our gifts but may not be your primary or enjoyable gifts
  • Put aside gifts you would want to use in order to do what God wants you to do
  • God has called me to a task, so I must be faithful to that task
  • Put all efforts into God’s calling for you
  • Be calling driven, not gift driven
  • Deny tasks that distract from God’s calling

Fanning the Flames: 5 Ways to Keep Your Fire for Jesus Burning (Peter Mead)

  • Love God, and then love your neighbor
  • Serve with God, not just for Him




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