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[PAUZE] – A time of rest for parents of children with disabilities

The parents and siblings are many times overlooked in services for someone with a disability, yet are the ones who often suffer the most with isolation, stress, depression, and exhaustion. It is important to care for the ENTIRE family: parents/caregivers, siblings, and those living with a disability.

We want to provide parents a temporary relief from the responsibilities of caring for children with physical or intellectual disabilities. We want provide a pause in their life and to give them the gift of time.

 [PAUZE] is a time dedicated to serving families and individuals affected by disabilities. This time will provide an opportunity for the parents/caregivers a time to rest and rejuvenate, meet others walking a similar journey, be encouraged, laugh, create, be entertained, be pampered, and be celebrated for all they are doing in their children’s lives. It is a simple way we hope to show God’s love to families affected by disability.