Designed to Live

Serving those affected by disability by empowering them physically, emotionally, and spiritually with the intentional demonstration of the love of Jesus Christ

Latest Happenings

Project Access

Within the church, faith is formed, shared, and strengthened; relationships are forged; and gifts are discovered and developed. Unfortunately too many people with disabilities do not experience the same opportunities as others to grow spiritually. Many times physical barriers of entering the church building can limit this experience of community…

Pauze – Pause – Rest

It started with just an idea: a time of rest for parents of children affected by disability; an outreach opportunity; a setting for families to interact, share, and experience God’s love. This idea is now an exciting new ministry of Designed to Live, known as [PAUZE]. In Latvian, the word…

Come on over!

I have been thinking alot lately about accessibility and what it means for relationships. I am working on a new initiative, Project Access, to help provide resources to Latvian churches to be more physically accessible to those affected by disability. Improved accessibility to churches can have a significant impact on…

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